Side Hustle For Introverts

You don't have to be loud to have a voice.

Don't Ask Your Boss For A Raise. Take One.

Monday mornings are lovely aren’t they? That screeching alarm clock rudely interrupts your sleep. Ever wonder how you ended up with a cubicle job? I don’t know anyone who dreams about a career in finance. I didn’t. Yet I ended up there anyway.

During your morning commute, you fantasize about being your own boss.

As an Introvert, you are an inward thinker, a strategist, every thought calculated. You’ve analyzed your business concept to death. But what about your great job? Good benefits and that pension. How can we forget the pension?!

Who says you have to quit your day job to have a business?

With today’s technology, you can operate a side hustle during your lunch hours. I promise you don’t have to chase clients or host webinars either. Webinars are gross. You don’t even need a youtube channel. Unless you want one.

The magical world of the internet allows you to earn revenue without speaking to a single soul. Generate revenue while sipping on your cappuccino in your favorite coffee shop. Even make money while you sleep.

Nelson LuisI’d much rather have one on one meaningful conversations. Or no sales conversations at all. Being “on” all the time, surrounded by different personalities is exhausting.

Launch your very own website without knowing a single line of code. No nerds required. Although I can show you how to automate your business, nothing is completely passive. Hard work and dedication is still required. But, on your own terms. On something you completely believe in. And it won’t cost your right arm either.

Create your own economy independent of your boss’ decision to downsize you. A job is fake security anyways. Isn’t it?

Grow your side hustle until you can fire that full time job.

Enjoy your life like a boss.

Nelson Luis